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                            Welcome to the ORACL Homepage! 

Obtain Valuable Training, and Earn CEUs!

June 28th at Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation: "Mirroring Wellness and Self-Care In Personal and Professional Life" 8:30-4:30 by Dr. Phillip Clarke. SIX CEU's available! The training is provided through HRC in Paris, IL.  Please email john.holley@hrcec.org or johanna.westin@hrcec.org for more information or for registration forms!

Throughout FY2019, ORACL will be reaching out to more RSSs and CRSSs than ever!  We want to hear from you and respond to your training needs and suggestions.  ORACL will be working closely with DHS/DMH's Recovery Services Development Group (RSDG) and the "Brand New Day" CRSS Steering Committee to plan and host two major trainings specifically designed for CRSSs/RSSs and their supervisors.  Numerous CRSS/RSS online CEU-eligible recovery courses will also be developed and released over the next year, giving you even more CEU options.

The Online Recovery Academy and CRSS Library (ORACL) is made possible through an Illinois Department of Human Services Division of Mental Health (IDHS/DMH) Title XX grant and the generous contributions of time, expertise, and effort from volunteers with mental illness "lived experience;" Certified Recovery Support Specialists (CRSSs), and Recovery Support Specialists (RSSs) seeking to promote the principles of recovery, wellness, and professional development across Illinois.

The Human Resources Center of Edgar and Clark Counties (HRC) and the Relias Learning Management System (RLMS) have teamed up to provide ORACL Members with access to an outstanding array of online education and training resources.  If you would like to enroll please email Ken Polky at  kenneth.polky@hrcec.org to receive an application.  

Click on the link above or the Log-on bar to the left to go directly to the CRSS Library's Training Resources Site.

For more information on Recovery and Wellness Related Activities ORACL also recommends:



                                             New to ORACL!

https://www.sleephelp.org/mood-emotions-sleep/  (Helpful information abut the relationship between sleep and mental health and wellness)

https://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/resources/avoiding-substance-abuse/   (A great resource for college students)